Fab Cafe comes to Chennai and it’s certainly worth checking out 

Baked strawberry and Nolan gur cheesecake (Google Pixel 3XL)

The lowdown: It’s been a few weeks since Fab India unveiled Fab Cafe at two locations in Chennai – TTK Road and Besant Nagar. Positioned as an all-day bistro, Fab Cafe rounds up dishes from across India with a focus on local and organic ingredients. The brainchild of Rebekah Blank and Chef Sunil Puri, Fab Cafe aims to find the balance between wellness and a fun dining experience. The menu doesn’t deviate from the Fab Cafes in other locations like Delhi and Bengaluru.

You can spot the beach from the restaurant (Google Pixel 3XL)

The space: elegant, minimalist interiors with abundant light. It’s why the Besant Nagar cafe makes a great location for breakfast or lunch. The views are not spectacular except for a couple of windows that offer peeks of Besant Nagar beach in the distance. We like the small touches like the tableware.

The beetroot and lotus stem tikki (Huawei Mate20 Pro)

The grub: if there’s one reason I’d go back to Fab Cafe, it’s for their beverage selection. From booster shots – their turmeric, amla and sugarcane juice shot truly hits the spot, to cunning blends like their Kokum based mocktail (great textures), there’s a lot on offer. We sampled the beetroot and lotus stem tikki and the Andhra Masala chicken that’s presented on a ganna (sugarcane) sheekh –  very clever and very ‘Instagrammable’. The beetroot tikki could have used some real flavours though. We tried the Coorg-style Pandi (pork) curry from the mains but our favourite is their dal makhani that’s delicious and yet won’t leave you in a food coma state.

Andhra Masala Chicken (Huawei Mate20 Pro)

It’s the perfect home-style black dal that you can indulge without guilt. That’s probably the same theme that runs through their dessert selection. The vegan-friendly mango tart has no dairy, just mango pulp with a thick layer of nuts. The baked strawberry and nolen gud (palm jaggery) cheesecake is probably our pick from the sweet endings. We’d recommend one of their artisanal ice-creams (try the Masala chai flavour) if you really want to wrap up with a sweet dessert.

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Bottomline: Fab Cafe manages the tight rope between wellness and a contemporary Indian dining experince. There are quite a few misses – the beetroot tikki didn’t work for us. But the innovative use of ingredients – like the jackfruit flour rotis, and laid-back ambience of the bistro make it worth checking out.

The Fab Cafe version of Thandai (Google Pixel 3XL)

Fab Cafe is at: 3rd Floor, T-25, 7th Ave, Ashtalaxmi Garden, Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600090. Phone: 99888-87995 Meal for 2: Rs 1,200

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