NCR’s newest wellness getaway takes a holistic approach and allows you to hit the right notes

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The central courtyard with the showstopper yin and yan garden

Detox. An overused word in the 2010s and a term that means different things for different people. It’s the same thing with wellness. One of the biggest luxuries this decade is to truly get away from it all. Disconnect from the subconscious urge to keep switching your smartphone. A recent study suggests millennials turn on their phone at least 150 times a day. Naad, an all-new wellness getaway (resort sometimes tends to mislead Indian consumers) has spent the last few months in pre-launch mode. Time it has spent getting each element in its holistic mix absolutely right.

The Himalayan Salt Cave therapy

The Name: Naad is the primordial sound that originated from the Big Bang – the infinite energy that makes up the universe and us alike. In their own words, the team focuses on helping guests tune into the sound of the universe and restoring balance to your five senses.

The Location: Located in Sonepat, just off the Delhi-Chandigarh highway and before Murthal (India’s unofficial dhaba capital). Naad is a 90-minute drive from Connaught Place. This could obviously take slightly longer if the traffic gods are against you.

You’re almost always surrounded by green foliage

What you can expect: Naad offers a wide range of wellness packages that start with a 3-night package and go all the way to a one-month weight management package.

The experience: I spent about 60 hours at Naad that included three nights. My experience started with an in-depth consultation with their highly knowledgable team of doctors – ayurvedic and naturopathy specialists. Oral hygiene that is typically low priority in India is an integral part of the offering at Naad – a 60-minute session with their in-house dentist was one of the highlights. You can choose from a plethora of massage and therapeutic options. I tried their foot reflexology treatment, the Abhyanga – a quintessential Ayurvedic massage with essential oils and an aromatherapy massage. You could also make time for a yoga session or relax in their pool or try your hand at putting on a terraced mini-golf area. Cuisine is another key element in the Naad experience. The team ensured I didn’t tire of their all-vegetarian, wellness menus. From a healthy vegetable sizzler to paratha noodles (a delightful spin on the ‘kothu paratha’) there were quite a few surprises in store. Ultimately experiences always boil down to the finer details. Naad gets most of the minute details right – like the perfect beds or their in-room toiletries that all came together for a weekend where I truly got away from it all and yes, I hardly reached out for my smartphone.

The calming pool is one of our favourite spots here

Naad Wellness is at Ansal Sushant City, Sector 62, Kundli, Sonepat – 131023, Haryana. For more details: call +91 70566 15555 or email: Stays start from Rs 49,000 (Single occupancy) 

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