Three reasons why we’ll be back at the Ibis Coimbatore City Centre soon:

We dig the subtle local touches (Samsung Galaxy S9+)

‘Keeping it simple’, Ibis hotels worldwide have taken this to a fine art. The Ibis brand is clearly sorted; for many of us this is the hotel we consider if we’re looking for a ‘place to crash’. That might sound simplistic but it doesn’t tell you  that these are super efficient hotels. And then as I’ve discovered from Bratislava to Ho Chi Minh City to Delhi, location is a huge strength. The Ibis Coimbatore City Centre is a case in point. Here’s why I will be back at the Ibis Coimbatore soon:

These black and white images add a distinctive element (iPhone X)

Subtle local touches: Ibis regulars will tell you that the rooms and the bathrooms are identical in every Ibis across the world. It’s usually functionality over style. But there are design elements that lend some of these hotels a distinct presence. The striking local images that hang above every bed at the Ibis Coimbatore offer a tiny peek into Tamil Nadu’s second city. You can find connections with Coimbatore’s rich textile (you’ve probably heard the Manchester of South India moniker) and textile engineering heritage in a series of artworks in the lobby.

The Mysore Pak versions at Anandhaas include jackfruit and karupatti (palm sugar)

Explore Coimbatore’s culinary scene: Madurai might be Tamil Nadu’s ‘go to’ culinary destination but Coimbatore has quite a few surprises up its sleeve. Even if you’re in the city for just 24 hours, make time for at least two stops. There’s Anandhaas that’s barely 200 steps (on your Fitbit) from the hotel. This vegetarian restaurant is part of a large chain and along with the legendary Annapoorna one of Coimbatore’s best breakfast options.

Go the ‘whole hog’. The ghee roast at Anandhaas (Food mode on the Samsung Galaxy S9+)

Order the ghee roast dosai. You can’t go wrong with this crispy, ghee-laden dosa. Choose from a long list of daily specials – we tried the malli (coriander) pongal and the banana kesari. The region’s emblematic Kongu naadu cuisine is under the spotlight at legendary restaurants like Hari Bhavanam and Valarmathi mess (in the Race course road area). Do make room for dishes like the pitchu potta Kozhi (shredded chicken)  and the Pallipalayam chicken fry.

The Western Ghats on the outskirts of Coimbatore towards Palakkad, Kerala (Samsung Galaxy S9+)

Drive in almost any direction: you already know that Coimbatore is the gateway to the Nigliris, popular destinations like Coonoor are less than three hours away. There’s Athirapally across the border in Kerala, that’s home to one of South India’s most formidable waterfalls. But if you are short on time and yet want to head for a long drive, we’d suggest the drive to Valparai with its stunning views, tea estates and countless hairpin bends. You might be able to be back in Coimbatore for a post lunch meeting, if you leave after an early breakfast.

Valparai on a sunny day (Samsung Galaxy S7)

The Ibis Coimbatore City Centre is at Lakshmi Mills Junction, Puliakulam Road (off Avinashi road), Coimbatore: 37. Phone: (0422) 711 7666. You can score rooms at Rs 3,000-3,500 (plus taxes) around the year. 




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