Chennai gets a taste of Scandinavian cuisine at The Park; ‘simply’ delicious 

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The instantly recognisable Swedish meatballs

What is Scandinavian cuisine? You don’t really need to have an answer to that question before you make plans to visit the Park Chennai. Mål mat in Swedish simply translates into Meal in English. The A2’s promotion rounds up culinary favourites not just from Sweden but the rest of Scandinavia too. We’ve come to expect a certain minimalism or simplicity when it comes to Scandinavian design. Minimalism that’s also stylish ,almost chic. It’s the same with the compact menu at A2 crafted specially for this promotion by Chef Pradipta Nag Chowdhury. Simple flavours that truly hit the spot.

Simply delicious – the gravadlax

Nordic legends suggest that fishermen in the Middle Ages used to bury salmon in the sand above the high-tide line. Modern day chefs don’t need a spade to make Gravadlax, cured salmon (cured with dill, salt and a hint of sugar) served on toast with a dill and mustard sauce (ævesovs in Denmark). This was one of the showstoppers in the appetisers section along with the more popular Swedish (chicken) meat balls in cream sauce.  It’s not a complete lost cause for veggies. We enjoyed the rustic taste of Norway’s most popular flatbread – Lefse, stuffed with roasted vegetables.

The pick of the mains – Swedish style potato dumplings

The star of the mains was the Kroppkakor,  Swedish style potato dumplings stuffed with minced mushroom, thyme butter served with a homestyle cranberry jam. Scrumptious. We’d also recommend the Danish style Flæskesteg – crackling pork served with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables. This is a Christmas favourite in Denmark. That’s not the only Danish element in this menu. There’s ‘Denmark’s Own’ one of the cocktails that have been specially put together for this promotion with Gin, triple sec, homemade spiced papaya syrup, carbonated water.

Swedish almond caramel cake

Our favourite dessert from this menu was Danish too. The subtly sweet Risalamande – Danish rice pudding. If you’d like something more photogenic and sweeter then go for the Toscakaka, Swedish almond caramel cake. But do stay for dessert.

Mål mat is on at A2, the Park Chennai until Friday, June 22, 2018. For reservations call: (044) 4267 6000. Meal for 2: Rs 3,000/- 

Danish roast pork with crackling, mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables



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