6 Reasons why the OnePlus 6 deserves all the buzz and should you buy this device? 

Okay, so it’s here. And not surprisingly, it’s generated tremendous buzz.  OnePlus’ 2018 flagship is not just lightning quick but is also blazing the sales charts. What makes the OnePlus 6 tick?

Svelte design: OnePlus ditches it predilection for metal with a gorgeous all-glass build. It’s slippery like all those devices with a glass back but looks spiffy. This OnePlus shimmers. We particularly like the Mirror black and the silk white that gets its sheen from actual pearl dust. OnePlus manages to expand the screen (now 6.28-inches) with the same footprint. The screen specs that pack 401 PPI (Pixels per inch) haven’t changed much.

Indoor shot at night (Location – JW Marriott Aerocity, Delhi)

An improved camera: the camera – it’s the one area where pricey flagships have held the edge over the flagship killers. The 6 is definitely an improvement over its predecessors. Better images in lowlight, sharper portraits and a cool slow-mo mode. The slow-mo mode allows you to capture videos upto a minute at 240 FPS (Frames per second).  You can also snap portrait images with the 16MP selfie cam. The dual cam (16+20MP) set up with OIS (Optical Image stabilisation) produces good but not exceptional images especially in lowlight. It hasn’t quite conquered the dark

Portrait (bokeh) shot. Location: Novotel Hyderabad Airport

The Face Unlock: speed is good but speed when you really need it is even better. It’s why we totally dig the speed and accuracy of the Face Unlock feature on the 6. If you have any concerns around security, there’s always the fingerprint sensor under the rear camera.

Night shot. Clicked at Shah Ghouse Hyderabad

The alert slider: it symbolises OnePlus’ design philosophy of focusing on the small things. A simple flick of a switch can move your device from silent to vibrate and regular mode.

Lowlight shot at the Novotel Hyderabad Airport

Speed demon: a best-of-breed Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 6/8GB of RAM and an intuitive UI (Oxygen OS) come together seamlessly to provide an ultra-fast user experience. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or multi-task through the day, the 6 won’t let you down. All this power with a battery (3300 mAh) that doesn’t give up easily and can be charged in a jiffy thanks to OnePlus’ dash charging.

An eye for details. Shot on bokeh mode at Nimrah Bakery, Hyderabad

Focuses on actual usage scenarios: OnePlus has always focused on the stuff you need (based on their customer interactions) rather than the ‘good to have’ stuff. It’s why this is one of the most seamless Android experiences ever and a great advert for Android; we can’t wait to see Android P hit this device. There’s no wireless charging because OnePlus thinks its pointless (and slow); we agree. It’s splash proof – good for a run in the rain but not ready to be dunked into the pool. Unless you snorkel on a regular basis, you probably don’t need IPS68 (for underwater protection).

This (unedited) image of the Charminar didn’t impress us

So should you buy the OnePlus 6? It depends on:

  • Are you looking for the best Android experience under Rs 40,000?: Go for it.
  • Power user or geeky user who likes to play around with the device?: Go for it
  • Need an outstanding camera (especially lowlight) and a high-definition display?: consider last year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 that you can snag for about Rs 40,000
  • Migrating from an old iPhone (pre-iPhone 7?): worth your consideration. Faster, larger display, solid camera and much better battery life.

The OnePlus 6 comes in two versions – 6GB RAM / 64 GB ROM (Rs 34,999) and 8GB RAM / 128GB ROM (Rs 39,999). The Avengers edition (8GB RAM / 256 GB ROM) will arrive at the end of May at Rs 44,999.



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