A new Chef and an all-new menu, Lotus at the Park Chennai reinvents itself, yet again.

Lotus has been Chennai’s finest Thai restaurant for a while now (iPhone X)

It might be the age of Instagram and Snapchat but you still meet many Chefs who prefer to let their food do the talking. Chef Satit Chaimano certainly belongs to this band. He’s almost reticent and yet never stops smiling. He accepts compliments with a humility that ought to make him feel home at Chennai. Satit is now at the helm of Lotus, Chennai’s finest Thai restaurant for a while now.

Chef Satit Chaimano (Image courtesy – The Park Chennai)

In 2015, Lotus took time off and returned after a complete makeover. The all-blue colour template draws inspiration from the Blue Water lily while the resplendent golden lotuses evoke images of temples in Thailand. The restaurant’s aggressively priced lunch menu offers great value for money and is remarkably quick – perfect for that power lunch.  Chef Satit balances his traditional roots with over thirty years in some of Asia’s finest restaurants.

Pomelo salad with fresh mint , chili paste, fried shallots and prawns (iPhone X)

By now he’s probably wily enough to know that there’s no need to overhaul a menu that’s worked with the Chennai audience. It’s why the Chicken wrapped in pandanus leaves is still a bestseller. It’s definitely something I’d recommend. And then there’s the stir fried sweet potatoes, garlic chilli sauce, one of the ‘must-try’ dishes from the new menu. The sauce finds a delicate balance between an assortment of spices and herbs just like Chef Satit balances his new additions with the restaurant’s tried and tested signature dishes.

The new menu has quite a few new desserts (iPhone X)

Salads have always been a big draw at the Lotus. The Pomelo salad with fresh mint , chili paste, fried shallots and prawns shines in the new menu. Vegetarians should dig the pan-fried broccoli and edamame topped with ginger, shiitake and red chilli in spring onion sauce. The other winner is the Gaeng pha phak  – herb curry without coconut milk that tastes best with sticky rice. The new menu has quite a few new desserts like the shredded caramelized coconut with cream custard. But we have a predilection for their classic signatures like the black sticky rice pudding and the water chestnut rubies in coconut milk.

The restaurant’s interiors were refreshed recently (Samsung Galaxy S8)

Lotus Thai is at The Park  Chennai, 601, Anna Salai. Phone: (044) 4267-6000. Meal for 2: Rs 3,000/-



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