Novotel becomes the first International hotel brand to debut in Kochi’s Kakkanand IT Zone with a campaign that breaks the clutter.

Image courtesy – Novotel Kochi Infopark official Facebook page

The battle zone for International hotel chains and India’s well entrenched domestic brands has long moved from India’s large metros. From Vadodara to Coimbatore to Kochi, International chains are expanding their India footprint. Novotel is the newest brand to dot Kochi’s ‘hotelscape’. Novotel Kochi Infopark is also the first International hotel to debut in Kochi’s IT Zone – Kakkanad. The views from the hotel’s pool deck offer a whole new take on Kochi. It might remind you of Mamooty’s legendary lines in the blockbuster Big B that are now part of popular culture – ” Kochi pazhaya Kochi alla” (Kochi is not the old Kochi that it was)

Image courtesy – Novotel Kochi Infopark official Facebook page

The sunset deck is my favourite nook in the hotel that adds a definitive French essence in the overall experience – whether it’s the well-appointed rooms or the all-day diner that never runs out of natural light. Just what you need at breakfast. It’s the hotel’s ad campaign that caught my attention even before I checked in. Agreed, this is just the sort of campaign that you might love or loathe but it has clearly got the city buzzing. The campaign idea builds on ‘Kurachu Kurachu French’, essentially a ‘little French’. The campaign uses a mascot – a Kathakali dancer with the face of a French mime or a French mime in a Kathakali dancer’s costume – depends which way you look at it!

Our favourite space at the hotel – the Sunset pool deck (iPhone X)

The campaign includes a series of images and short videos that capture the mascot experiencing the hotel and the destination – from Fort Kochi’s quaint streets to a boat cruise (both that I strongly recommend when you’re in Kochi next). Those who don’t approve might feel the campaign is a tad gimmicky but it’s tough to completely disapprove. It has certainly aroused the curiosity of the locals – I noticed guests at the launch vying with each other for a photo opp with the mascot who made a surprise appearance. For me, its the simplicity of the idea that sets it apart. As with life, things work best when we keep things simple. The chatter on Social is clear evidence that this ad campaign has hit the right notes.

Image courtesy – Novotel Kochi Infopark official Facebook page

The Novotel Kochi Infopark is at A3, Infopark Road, Kakkanad, Kerala 682030. You should be able to score rooms from about Rs 7,000/night. The hotel is about 45-60 minutes drive from Fort Kochi and an hour from the Kochi International Airport. 


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