Copper Chimney Phoenix Market City, Chennai – review

The new-look Copper Chimney debuts in Chennai with its contemporary interiors and a refreshingly casual dining experience. 

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The life-size Kadak Roonmali Chilli Butter Masala

Until recently, mid to up-market Indian restaurants had to look the part. Everything from the decor to staff uniforms appeared contrived. The new-look Copper Chimney at Chennai’s busy Phoenix Market City is evidence that things are changing; for the better. It starts with the decor – gone are the heavy props and furniture. It’s warm, informal and a Copper Bell installation is the showstopper. You can watch chefs through the looking glass of their display kitchen. It’s all part of a makeover that celebrates the brand’s 25th year in Chennai (The first Copper Chimney opened even earlier in 1972, in Mumbai).

The menu is a great blend of signature dishes we’ve ordered a zillion times and new additions that incorporate street food from cities like Delhi. The refreshing Delhi Shikanji was the first thing I ordered on arrival and it’s probably what many diners ought to order through Chennai’s never ending summer. The Delhi theme continued through the starters – the Delhi-style fried chicken might work for kids whose favourite fix is KFC.

The menu is a great blend of the old and new

We’d recommend the smoked white pepper chicken chop or the chargrilled mushrooms over the fried chicken. Of course, most regulars will tell you that no meal at Copper Chimney starts without their gargantuan Kadak Roonmali Chilli Butter Masala. Order one for the table before you dive into the menu.

Almond Phirni Chikki Crumble

The restaurant staff are most likely to recommend the Chicken Bharta along with one of their signature breads for mains. It’s one of the new additions they’re mighty proud of. They should be equally proud of their dum biryanis and the classic black dal that never disappoints. Do stay for dessert. We did and would suggest leaving room for the Almond Phirni Chikki Crumble.

Copper Chimney is at Phoenix Market City, Velachery. It’s open for lunch (12-3 pm) and dinner (7:30 – 11:30 pm) on all days. Meal for 2: Rs 1,200/-  



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