Oota, Bangalore – Restaurant Review

Oota puts Karnataka cuisine on a pedestal it richly deserves and is well worth the trek to Whitfield  

We love the elegant interiors (Samsung Note 8)

I still remember the last time I was at Windmills Craftworks. It’s easily one of Bangalore’s finest micro-breweries,  yet quite a trek through traffic. Oota is an initiative from the same promoters, located on the seventh floor; a few floors above Windmills. It’s taken me six months from launch day to make it here and I’m glad I finally did.

The Annapakshi with the delectable chutneys (iPhone X)

Lowdown:  The name is a giveaway – Oota means food in Kannada. Oota is one of the only fine dining restaurants in Bangalore where the focus is entirely on Karnataka cuisine. The culinary team travelled extensively across Karnataka’s varied culinary regions to source authentic home-style recipes.

Love the interiors (Samsung Galaxy Note 8)

Interiors: elegant, embellished with design touches from within the state. Our favourite design element are the bells that adorn the ceiling; there’s also a brass ‘Annapakshi’ on almost all tables. Cutlery is purely on request; they encourage you to eat with your hands.

The Mangalorean style prawns (iPhone X)

The grub: scrumptious. All that effort to source recipes and learn home-style cooking methods is pointless if the execution doesn’t measure up. This is where some of the fine dining restaurants lose the plot with South Indian cuisine. Food is clearly Oota’s strong suit. It helps that the staff know their menu inside out and have background dope on almost any dish on the menu.

The Mangalore style buns (Samsung Galaxy Note 8)

We recommend: we checked out the Mangalore Buns. It can pass off for fluffy pooris except for the sweet banana that’s folded into the batter. I’ve sampled these Buns at a couple of restaurants in Udupi but nothing tastes as good as these. We’d also recommend the Mangalore style prawns and the Kundapur Chicken curry that works best with Neer dose. We also tried the Gosht (Mutton) Dalcha from the Hyderabad Karnataka region. It’s that rare blend of lentils with meat and it’s terrific. The dessert options are mostly payasa (kheer), the restaurant also rounds up some of the states popular sweets like the Mysore Pak and the Dharwad Peda.

Oota is one 2017’s finest restaurant launches inBangalore. The menu finds a balance between popular dishes from the state and lesser known culinary delights, the staff are switched on while the interiors enhance the dining experience.

Oota is at 5B Road, EPIP Zone, Basavanna Nagar, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048. Phone: 072590 41143. Meal for 2: Rs 2,000/- 


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