Chef Mauro Ferrari takes centre stage along with some fine, seasonal ingredients. 

Chef Mauro Ferrari at work (Samsung Note 8)

There’s something about control freaks that other control freaks can quickly spot. Most good chefs I’ve met in different corners of the world love to manage every tiny detail. Chef Mauro Ferrari is no exception. He’s gregarious – it’s an Italian chef thing, and is a gracious host. But he is truly in his element once he steps into the Focaccia kitchen. Diners can see him yell instructions and also watch him plate dishes with artistic perfection. The benefits of a display kitchen.


A sprinkling of truffles go a long way (Samsung Note 8)

Its probably why the Drama chef is a clever description of this Italian chef who is quite proud of his Milanese roots. We talk about the quintessential Milanese risotto and about Milan’s legendary fish market. Eventually the conversation drifts towards seasonal ingredients. It’s why this promotion is quite special. It’s not one of those promotions (or Food festivals as some Indian hotels still like to call them) with a voluminous menu. The focus is on just two ingredients – truffles and chestnuts, much sought after in the autumn months in Italy .

Do stay for dessert (Sony Xperia XZ1)

Chef Ferrari works magic with these ingredients with a simple philosophy that almost matches Apple’s design ethos – less is more. He uses these exotic ingredients to embellish dishes – some everyday staples, and elevate them. Like adding truffle shavings to a humble cheese pizza with a blend of two cheeses. It’s the same story with the pumpkin soup  where the chestnuts keep popping up. Aside from the scrumptious pizza, our other favourite was the raw sea bass. The fish is enhanced by a hint of olive oil and lemon juice and presented with truffle shavings, pressed zucchini and pomegranate. One of those times when the food in your Instagram timeline tastes as good as it looks. The menu has room for two stellar desserts including a flourless chestnut cake – Chef Ferrari loves talking about the magic behind his flourless desserts.

The spotlight is on the truffles (Samsung Note 8)

This special promotion continues until October 29 or till the truffles run out (According to Chef Ferrari). But the drama never stops at Focaccia not when Chef Ferrari is zipping around his kitchen.

Focaccia is at the Hyatt Regency, Chennai. For reservations (+91) 44 – 6100 1234. Meal for 2: Rs 3,000 (without drinks)



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