The iPhone 8 review

Five reasons why the iPhone 8 deserves your attention. 

The iPhone trolls have been quite brutal with the new iPhone 8. The most vicious of them all said Apple made the iPhone 8 redundant within two minutes of its launch, that instant when they unveiled the iPhone X (Ten and not x). Yes, the form factor hasn’t changed since last year; in fact it looks remarkably similar to the iPhone 6 that debuted in 2014 and the 65.4% screen to body ratio seems completely behind 2017’s flagships like the Samsung S8 and LG G6. But dismiss this device at your own peril.

The new A11 Bionic chip: there’s a new chip under the hood and it’s blazing fast. This ‘bionic’ chip is the same in the X and it complements the buttery smooth Apple user experience. It’s fun to game or multi-task on the 8.


Deep AR integration: Apple’s betting big on Augmented reality and is encouraging developers to join the party. The new chip helps and you’re soon going to find heaps of AR apps on the iPhone.



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The Camera: the differences are subtle but in our tests the iPhone 8 delivered great results even in lowlight. The 12MP primary cam (f/1.8 aperture) comes with an improved Quad LED flash. You can shoot cool slow-mo videos at 240 FPS.

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The Speakers: the best we’ve seen on an iPhone and on any phone since HTC’s BoomSound speakers. These speakers can put some cheaper Bluetooth speakers in the shade.

The all glass form factor: at 148 gms the iPhone 8 is a tad (10 gms) heavier than its predecessor but it’s for a good reason. The new glass back adds more appeal to the device and also makes it the first iPhone ready for wireless charging. We like the new gold colour sans the bling.  Wireless charging may not be a radical new idea but is more likely to go mainstream now.

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If you’re upgrading from an iPhone 7 and have Rs 89,000 to spare then hang tight till November 3 for the X. But if you’re moving up from the 6S or the 6, it’s still a worthy upgrade. Except that the déjà vu in the form factor is inescapable and the battery life hasn’t changed either.

The iPhone 8 comes in 64GB (Rs 64,000) / 256 GB (Rs 73,000) versions and in three colours 

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