One Night in Bangkok gets a reboot. It’s more than just a change of name and we totally dig this new avatar. 

Our favourite space at Siam Trading Co

Saturday nights in Indiranagar can occasionally get out of hand. It’s tough to score tables and its almost impossible to find spaces where you can just lounge with your friends and catch up.

These Thai murals add a great touch (Huawei P9)

The Space: One Night in Bangkok was the quintessential night space, very little natural light. That’s one of the things that’s changed as part of the makeover to Siam Trading. We dig the vibrant murals that capture slices of everyday Thai life and the decision to add a sunlit section brings some serious cheer especially for laid-back weekend lunches. The weekends are a touch saner but Siam Trading is still high on everyone’s weekend lists. Who doesn’t mind delicious Thai cuisine when you’re drinking with your buddies on a Saturday night.

The Crisp fish with green mango

The grub: goes beyond the regular Thai staples. The Siam Trading Co team criss-crossed Thailand to source authentic recipes and it has been well worth the effort. Of course, the menu features a few usual suspects but there are enough surprises to keep you coming back. Like the fried sour pork with its piquant flavours or some of their steamed signatures – the beef spicy lime and the lotus stems are both compelling options. Start your meal with the mushroom coconut soup and do try their crisp fish with green mango. There are no ‘happy endings’ after this Thai experience especially if you are a compulsive dessertarian; Siam Trading doesn’t have too many dessert options. The cocktails with a Thai twist more than make up. I’d definitely go back for their Whiskey Sour.

The interiors have been reimagined

Siam Trading Co is at 79, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, 560038 Ph: 99721 48287. Meal for 2:  Rs 1500 (Without alcohol)




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