A price cut coupled with a storage upgrade makes the SE an attractive proposition especially if you miss the simple joys of one-handed navigation. 


Fun fact – at Rs 21,999 (on Amazon and also through special credit card offers offline), the iPhone SE is probably the only iPhone that’s cheaper in India than in the US (where it retails at $399/32GB). It’s not just the huge price cut and the fact that this is tipped to be the first iPhone to be assembled in India that has put the spotlight on a phone that was released in 2016. Yes, one year is a light year in the smartphone space. A lot happens – phones explode, cameras get better. And yet this dinky iPhone is still relevant in mid 2017:

It’s a steal; like seriously: at prices ranging from Rs 21,000 to 28,000 for the 32 GB and 128GB variants. HDFC credit cards has a Rs 5,000 cash back offer.

It’s an iPhone 6S dressed up as an iPhone 5/5S: the same brilliant 12MP rear cam with Live Photos (if you like) and 4K video recording. We’ve got some great results with the 6S; true to life colours and pictures. If you’re a compulsive selfie fiend then the 1.2MP cam may not work for you. It’s the same A9 processor; multi-tasking is effortless while serious gaming is also a breeze. It’s got a fingerprint sensor but there’s no 3D touch.

The battery will give the other iPhones an inferiority complex: with the exception of the larger ‘Plus’ versions that have robust batteries. In our testing we went a whole day without a charge (16 hours) where we used 2 Email apps, about 2 hours of calls, WhatsApp and a few other apps running in the background and clicked a few images. We didn’t watch any videos though.

It’s featherlight and brilliant for one handed use: if you struggle to reach the top corner of your big-screen smartphone with one hand, you will love the sheer practicality of using this device. I’m a big fan of the iPhone keyboard and found the SE perfect to get stuff done.

It’s not going to win you attention when you’re with your mates at the bar: the device looks just like the 5-year old iPhone 5 with the  same Retina display seen (1136 x 640 pixels)  on the iPhone 5 and 5S. The 4-inch screen might be a problem if you’re moving from a larger Android device. This is certainly not the phone to play catch up on a whole season of Narcos.

If you’re looking at your first bite of Apple and are not perturbed by the small screen the SE is a great option. A great primary cam, solid battery life and that buttery smooth Apple experience. It’s not for you if you’re an attention seeker; this phone may not get those lustful second glances.

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