ID gives you that rare reason to smile at the Chennai airport.

ID is located next to Copper Chimney (One Plus 3T)

We all know it and we’ve come to live with it. The Chennai airport is one of the worst adverts for the city and stuck in 1990s. It has one thing going for it though – location. If there’s one other positive over the past few months, it’s the debut of a few F&B options that have made the ride out of Chennai less treacherous for fliers. First it was Krispy Kreme, then Copper Chimney and of course the Irish House (an Irish Pub in the Chennai airport, no kidding).

The Pongal’s a must try (One Plus 3T)

ID that began its unique initiative (to serve South Indian cuisine in a contemporary setting) in Sathyam Cinemas is the latest feel good addition to the dreary Chennai airport. It’s particularly handy if you’re flying one of those airlines where your best bet is a cold sandwich for breakfast. The service is lighting quick – airport restaurants in India need to be geared for passengers running late. I managed a vadai, pongal and buttermilk in 15 minutes flat. The food’s almost as good – as the chain’s restaurants across Chennai. So the next time you’re in a hopeless argument trying to defend the Chennai airport, ID gives you some ammo.

The tiny display kitchen (One Plus 3T)

ID is at the departure terminal (Next to Copper Chimney) and is open from breakfast to dinner.


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