12th Main road (Indira nagar)adds one more F&B outlet to its ever expanding list. Except this one’s got a wicked story to tell.

We love this backdrop!

This is the story of a young 30-something American desi who returns to India. He has just inherited his grandmother’s house and suddenly discovers that she’s hidden more skeletons in her cupboard than your everyday grand mom. That she had a wild side, liked cocktails, obsessed with pineapples and was an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan. True story? You figure. But its certainly the inspiration for Bangalore’s newest F&B space. (We recount our experience with Black and White images shot with the dedicated B/W lens of the Huawei P9)

There’s Arnie flexing his muscles

The Space: Level one is probably where the granny used to hangout with seemingly boring grannies. Arnie’s there though, flexing his muscles in one of the portraits. There’s wallpaper and the bar looks sedate while the music is mostly retro. There’s a flight of stairs studded with a mishmash of portraits and paintings that leads to a funkier space – we totally love the backdrop of this bar, that also offers outdoor seating. The music is clearly 2017 & 16. And then there’s one more space that we dare not speak about… All we are allowed to say is Speakeasy.

One of our favourite niches at Sly

The grub: We loved some stuff – the baked brie and the crunchy calamari rings. Very few spaces get the right texture. Sly does, just like it gets some of its seafood small plates – the Spanish style prawns with oodles of garlic is another must try. The tomato ketchup in the tacos with pulled pork was a turn off. We didn’t fancy our coconut fat infused whiskey cocktail; should have drunk Malibu instead.  The menu has a few misses but thankfully more hits. The panacotta hits the right notes and Sly’s signature walnut tart is worth a shot too.

The Walnut tart. A tad sweet

Bottomline: It’s not just the Sly Granny legends, there’s more to this space than grandmother’s tales. We dig the space; it’s almost ready for whatever mood you might be in. The food’s a mixed bag but there’s enough good stuff to make you want to come back.

The Well stocked bar


Sly Granny is at the: 3rd Floor, # 618, Above Chicco, 12th Main, Indiranagar, Bengaluru: 38. Ph: (080) 4853-6712. Meal for 2: Rs 1,500/- (Without drinks)


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