There are better ways to drink your Jameson but not too many better ways to drink Horlicks. Not your everyday ‘nightcap’ 

The story: Every wacky cocktail has its story. This legend might not be as a intriguing as the Cosmopolitan (that began in a NYC neighbourhood in the 1980s) or the 19th Century Sazerac born in New Orleans. Heck, this is not even a cocktail, just a nightcap actually. It’s October 2 (India’s most famous ‘dry day’) and I am at Monkey Bar (CP, Delhi) with a friend (and accomplished food & lifestyle writer). She loves taking ‘potshots’ about my choice of drinks. And on that day it was a Horlicks infused ‘mocktail’. I was seriously asking to be trolled! A few months later I am in Ireland – the home of Jameson and sampled a grilled fish dish that was outstanding. I later learn that the trout had been marinated in Jameson Whiskey. I am determined to experiment with the bottles of Jameson I brought back from that trip. Might seem unthinkable for many hardcore Jameson fans though!

The recipe: 


  • Horlicks: 5 heaped teaspoons
  • Jameson Signature Reserve: 20 ml
  • Milk: 50-60 ml
  • Boiling hot water.


  • Blend 4 teaspoons of Horlicks with 20-30 ml warm (not hot milk) till it reaches a thick (paste-like) consistency
  • Add the Whiskey to this mix and stir
  • Add the remaining milk (Hot) and top the cup (A tall ceramic beer mug is fitting!) with hot water.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of Horlicks and stir slightly before you serve (The malted bits are a cool touch)

Just the kind of nightcap in case you need your shot of whiskey and if you have unexpected visitors (like the in-laws or your strict aunt in the house). Horlicks spiked with Jameson; tastes better than it sounds.


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