5 Reasons why we dig LG’s current flagship device 

The Modular build from the LG G5 is gone. We loved the idea; the ability to pull your smartphone apart or keep ‘pimping’ it with cool accessories. Unfortunately third party vendors didn’t back LG’s vision with accessories that could be added to the LG G5. The V20 however retains the other USP of the G5 – the Wide Angle Cam. Our 5 why the G5 deserves your attention:

The Wide angle lens packs more details than you can imagine (At the Movenpick hotel in Bangalore)

The Wide Angle Cam: the one thing we totally loved about the G5 – the 135 degree field of view. That’s more than your eyes can capture and certainly much more details than your average mobile shooter can cram. LG’s dual camera strategy features a 8MP wide angle cam. From landscapes to panoramas there’s so much more you can capture with this shooter. The primary cam (16MP) is quite brilliant too.

The build: another area where the V20 goes one up on the G5. We love the overall package. Clean lines, a solid build that looks premium and B&O headphones in the box.

Unedited outdoors shot (Manjarabad fort at Sakleshpur)

Power packed: The V20 is propelled by the high-energy Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor coupled with 4GB of RAM; there’s 64GB of storage plus room for a Micro SD card slot and two SIM Cards. That’s enough fire power for any Android slugfest.

Shot with the wide angle lens – Druid Garden at Bangalore

Gorgeous display: One of the V20’s talking points is a second screen – It’s essentially a tiny strip for alerts and quick settings but doesn’t do much else. But the device’s primary  5.7-inch display (1440 x 2560 pixels/513 PPI) is truly vibrant.

A battery that won’t let you down: at a time when ‘Unibody’ builds are a thing, the V20 is that rare premium device with a removable battery. You might need to swap batteries though – the 3200 mAh battery should comfortably last you a full day at work.

The V20 ticks quite a few boxes – premium build, a dual cam and a solid battery. We’ve not been big fans of LG’s custom UI and the V20 doesn’t change that. At Rs 47,900 it’s certainly not inexpensive.


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