Ian Logan, Global brand Ambassador – The Glenlivet, didn’t just take Chennai’s whisky aficionados on a multi-sensory journey but also shared some fun facts about Scotch Whisky at an event at the Park Hyatt:  

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Ice is the work of the devil: Ian doesn’t recommend slipping ice cubes into your glass of Single Malt or fine Scotch blends. He suggests an equal proportion (water:whisky) .  But not everyone listens to Ian’s advice. In Spain they mix it with cola. In Japan Scotch is enjoyed with lots of water and ice, and in China with cold green tea. (Source: the Scotch Whisky Association)

38 bottles of Scotch are shipped out of Scotland every second:  the staggering numbers don’t stop; 20 million casks of Scotch lie maturing in distilleries across Scotland. 99 million cases (12 70cl bottles at 40% vol) were exported worldwide and laid end to end they would stretch about 30,000kms (Source: the Scotch Whisky Association)

Why whisky bottles are green: because decades ago, green glass bottles were significantly cheaper than clear glass. And you thought it was something to do with the green glass improving the taste of the Whisky!

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Age doesn’t always matter: at a time when most whisky drinkers obsess with numbers, Ian has some plain advice. Don’t let the age of the whisky dictate your preference. “It’s about what you enjoy drinking”.

Scotch is older than you think: The earliest historical reference to distilling in Scotland appears in the Scottish Exchequer Rolls for 1494, where there is an entry of “eight bolls (old Scottish measure) of malt to Friar John Cor wherewith to make acquavitae’”.

A noseclip – that’s the first thing I spot at my table at the Glenlivet whisky event at the Park Hyatt. It was the first sign that this whisky dinner was not going to follow the usual time-tested scripts for whisky events. The next sign – three frosted dark glasses with the 3 whiskies of the evening.

The props at The Glenlivet Sensology experience

The props at The Glenlivet Sensology experience

Ian Logan didn’t reveal what whiskies were in the glasses. He used a cleverly crafted set of tools that demonstrated that appreciating whisky is a multi-sensory experience. He also made the city’s whisky aficionados use their skills to guess the three whiskies of the day – the 15 YO, the 18 YO and the stellar Founder’s reserve. The whiskies were presented along with a three-course paired meal that largely worked except for the Chocolate mousse that was a tad sweet.


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