Part Cafe, Part Roastery and the perfect all-day hangout


Our favourite corner (Huawei P9)

If you’re in luck you might walk into the Flying Squirrel at Roasting Time. Every few hours the team roasts one of the artisanal brand’s six coffee varietals. You could be sipping on one of these coffees or sampling one of the cafe’s signature dishes as the aromas of roasted coffee waft through the air. The Flying Squirrel began as one of the city’s finest artisanal coffee brands with a cult following. The Cafe seems like the logical next step. Some of the promoters also run one of the city’s creative ‘hot shops’ and it shows. Design is central to this Chic cafe’s appeal – from the fonts on the menus to the clever signs to the Lego-inspired wall.

You can't try this at home. The Nitro coffee (Huawei P9)

You can’t try this at home. The Nitro coffee (Huawei P9)


The Coffees: there are six varietals that get spun off into a range of coffees.  The Pour over version is probably the pick of the hot coffees. Fresh water is constantly added to the coffee resulting in a great brew. But it’s the colder versions that win our vote. Our favourite – the Nitro infused iced coffee that is the closest coffee to a glass of Guinness especially in terms of textures and ‘mouth feel’. If Stout is not your scene then the Orange and almond infused cold coffee is a great bet.

Millet Lasagna. Healthy and your (Huawei P9)


The grub: there’s no concept of starters or mains here; so you figure what sequence works for you. We kicked off with their juicy beef burger served with a fiery birds eye chilli infused salsa and their sinful PBJ (Peanut butter jelly) toast with three jams. The beer crusted prawns and their own smoked version (in coffee wood) of a classic Caesar’s salad with confit Salmon are perfect to snack on anytime of day. If you’re vegetarian don’t look any further than the Millet lasagna; scrumptious. We’d recommend one of their cheesecakes for dessert. We sampled the coffee infused Creme brûlée; but you can give that a miss.

Smoked Caesar's salad (Huawei p()

Smoked Caesar’s Salad with confit Salmon (Huawei P9)

Bottomline: the Flying Squirrel is one of the clear signs that Bangalore is all set to become one of the world’s coolest coffee destinations. The signs are all there – artisanal coffees, coffee snobs, coffee estates that are a quick drive away and now uber cool cafes. Great place to hangout and the food more than keeps up with the coffee.

The coffee's even better than the graffiti (Huawei P9)

The coffee’s even better than the graffiti (Huawei P9)

The Flying Squirrel is at 136, 1st A Cross Rd, Srirampuram, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034 Phone: (080) 4099-1044. Meal for 2: Rs 1200/- 


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