The 15th link in the Social chain might well be it’s coolest addition. 


The Greenhouse effect (Wide-angle lens – LG V20)

It’s not tough to spot the similarity between Kormangala’s newest hangout and Bangalore’s Lalbagh. The city’s third Social (after Church Street and Whitefield) has all the stuff we love about the chain plus a unique ambience that lets you truly unwind.

Let there be light (Google Pixel)

Let there be light (Google Pixel)

The space: the ‘Greenhouse Effect’ is everywhere – loads of light and abundant greenery. This is a rare F&B space in a city where bars and restaurants are getting more cramped by the day. The decor has all the customary quirks that define ‘Social’ spaces all over India. Perfect to energise those who use Social as a work space during the day and the perfect Friday night hangout to let your hair down.


Caramel custard with a touch of drama (Google Pixel)

The grub: the menu sticks to the tried and tested Social formula. Finding that balance between comfort food and innovation that has quite a few surprises in store. Some of the Social favourites like the spicy Acharoska cocktail (the cocktail menu doesn’t feature any new additions) and our favourite dessert – the PBJ Toast (Peanut butter jelly toast with strips of bacon) find room on this menu. There’s also a new ‘Local Heroes’ section with some cool new additions that are currently unique to Kormangala Social. We dig the gunpowder potatoes (dusted with a spicy masala and garlic slivers)  and the ‘Mind Blast’ mutton – a flavourful gravy that doesn’t numb your tastebuds (as the name might suggest) with its spice levels. The Koramangala menu also features a new dessert – Lucky’s Caramel custard. A conventional caramel custard with a dramatic ‘bird nest’ type crown crafted with caramelised sugar. It’s small touches like this that lend Social it’s cool vibe. Some other innovations like a Chicken Makhani with a Black Label infusion don’t quite work.

Social junkies will feel at home (LG V20)

Social junkies will feel at home (LG V20)

Bottomline: Social sticks to its successful script with yet another addition to its cool ‘workspace meets social space’ concept and gets most things right at Koramangala including the value for money pricing.

Kormangala Social is at  118, 3rd Floor, Koramangala Industrial Area, 7th Block, Bengaluru: 560095. Phone: (080) 4051 5253. Meal for 2 (without drinks): Rs 1200/- 

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