Bangalore’s newest Food & Beverage destination has enough ‘magic’ to keep bringing you back. 


The view from above (Google Pixel)

That moment when you ask your waiter for a menu recommendation and you get a response with conviction. We’ve been hearing about some great things about Druid Garden. About it’s massive 30,000 sq ft footprint, about a cool retractable roof (A la Wimbledon!) and state of the art kitchen equipment. But all that means nothing if a dining space can’t get the little things right. Like going great lengths to source the perfect ingredients.

One of our favourite niches (Wide-angle lens - LG V20)

One of our favourite niches (Wide-angle lens – LG V20)

The Space: it’s a trek (any place outside your neighbourhood in Bangalore usually is) but it’s well worth the ride. Vibrant, with abundant greenery (not plastic shrubs thankfully) and a vibe that borders on Scandinavian chic. The centre of Druid Garden is open to sky (with a retractable roof); it adds a wonderful element of space, a rare commodity in cramped F&B spaces.  There’s enough room between the tables which means you probably won’t be able to eavesdrop. The space gradually transforms as the lights take over and the DJ turns on the heat. It’s equally ready to be a ‘family friendly’ Sunday brunch space and where you can down cocktails with your buddies on a Friday night.

Tastes better than it looks - the Buratta Campagna (Google Pixel)

Tastes better than it looks – the Campagna Buratta (Google Pixel)

The grub:  The Moscow Berry Mule (crowned with a cheeky Berry caviar) is a clever rework of a classic cocktail and an absolute must try. Start with the Peruvian style roasted pumpkin soup or the Campagna Buratta – a blood orange sauce adds a brilliant dimension, or the crabmeat Melon carpaccio. Our favourite dish on the menu is the Shrimp and Avocado Arepas (A South American staple – Tortilla or bread? you figure). The smoked grills – (the locally sourced beef is the pick) are a compelling option too. Do mix your drinks with desserts. The South African style Malva cake (A Christmas specialty) served with Sichuan pepper ice cream wins our vote. There’s also a black sesame cake (Curiously titled the ‘Unbelievers  dessert’) that you might love or loathe.

Love the sorbets and gelato (Google Pixel)

Love the sorbets and gelato (Google Pixel)

Bottomline:  multi-cuisine has become a bad word but that’s when a restaurant is the quintessential ‘Jack of all trades’. The restaurant’s menu can be overwhelming especially for first timers but the restaurant’s obsession with perfection ensures everything from a Tom Yum to an Empanada is packed with authentic flavours. The Druid Garden is easily one of the brightest additions to Bangalore’s F&B scene in 2016.

You won't be cramped for room here (LG V20)

You won’t be cramped for room here (LG V20)

The Druid Garden is at: 40/1 Century Corbel Commercial , 3rd floor , Sahakaranagar Main Road,  Sahakaranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560092 (Off Airport Road, just after the Hebbal flyover ). Phone: (080) 4677 7777. Open from 5 pm from Tuesday to Saturday and from 12 noon onwards on Sundays. Meal for 2 (Without drinks): Rs 1800/- 

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