Can this cafe spark your creative genius or cure writer’s block?


Lowdown: We first heard about this cafe almost a year ago and just a week ago we stumbled upon an interesting feature in ScoopWhoop. The brainchild of seasoned restaurateur M Mahadevan, this new cafe has taken it upon itself to offer burn victims a second chance. They have been trained by a Swiss bakery chef and craft exquisite fare. The profits from this venture will be shared with International Foundation for Crime Foundation and Victim care.

Flanked by books on all sides (iPhone 7)

Flanked by books on all sides (iPhone 7)

The setting: the name spells out the intentions;  this cafe is positioned as a creative space. Only one floor is currently operational; we understand that the the first floor will be a space for literary events. Books and magazines are the only props. This is part book shop (co-branded with Higginbothams) and part cafe. You can flip through pages of a few coffee-table type books but the magazines are off limits unless you buy them.

We totally dig the Flammkuchen (iPhone 7)

We totally dig the Flammkuchen (iPhone 7)

The grub: the menu is tailored for an all-day diner (open from 9 am to 9 pm). We sampled the pickled beetroot and lollo rosso salad with toasted walnuts. The greens were crunchy but the pickled beetroots didn’t make a big impact. The  strongly recommended crispy fried spinach and corn dusted with paprika was a great idea that didn’t quite make the cut. A tad too greasy. We also checked out the smoked paprika fried chicken tenders that were above average. Our finest moment arrived with the Pesto Zucchini and olives Flammkuchen (a sort of rectangular thin crust pizza that has its roots in Southern Germany). We’d definitely recommend the Flammkuchen, easily the pick of everything we tried. If you do stay back for dessert, the chocolate lava cake is a safe option. Aside from the A la carte menu selection, there’s also a variety of desserts and savouries reminiscent of the French loaf selection that is available around the day.

There's a decent selection of salads on offer (iPhone 7)

There’s a decent selection of salads on offer (iPhone 7)

Last word: Aside from the lofty CSR goals, the Writers Cafe is a novel attempt. The ambience is certainly not cozy, more suitable for a quick catch up than for a writer seeking creative inspiration. The food’s a mixed bag, but we’ll certainly head back for our fill of Flammkuchen.

The Writers Cafe is at 98, Peters Lane, Royapettah, Chennai, (Phone: 044 4861 1604). The pricing is remarkably affordable – Meal for 2: Rs 600/- 

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