Is this the fastest Android smartphone out there?

Ok, so we think the word ‘disruptive’ is overused and yet we can’t think of a word that describes OnePlus’ latest move. It’s been just five months since the OnePlus 3 rocked Planet Android with its blazing speeds and OnePlus has already unleashed a sequel.


The real changes are under the hood: it’s the same gorgeous metal form factor as the 3. The 5.5-inch display (401 PPI) remains unchanged too. We love how the device feels solid in your hands yet not too unwieldy.

It’s faster and meaner: The OnePlus 3T features a best of breed Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor (Yup, the same mean beast that’s under the hood of the Google Pixel) with the same 6GB of RAM that we saw in the 3. It’s seriously fast – webpages load in an instant and the UI is buttery smooth.


There’s more ROM to stash your stuff: the 3T ups OnePlus’ storage game with a 128GB onboard memory option. The device is also available in a 64GB option and yes, there’s no extendable memory (just like the 3).

The selfie cam gets a makeover: the 3T features a much improved front facing cam. The 16MP selfie cam shoots much sharper selfies than its older sibling. The primary cam remains untouched though. It’s the same 16MP shooter that captures ‘true to life’ images but is not always stellar in lowlight.


Sample image shot in lowlight (Food shot at the Hyatt Regency Chennai)

A better battery with the same dash charging we love: the 3T is powered by a 3400 mAh battery. Battery life is better than the 3 (that featured a 3000 mAh battery). We dig OnePlus’ proprietary dash charging tech that charges the device in quick time.


The OnePlus 3T delivers serious value at Rs 34,999/29,999 (128/64GB). You don’t need to upgrade if you already own the OnePlus 3. But if you’re in the market for an Android device with a budget of under 35K, the OnePlus 3T is a compelling proposition.

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