Ritz Carlton’s rooftop bar has more than staggering views going for it 


Uncluttered views (LG G5)

Rooftop bars are officially a thing in Bengaluru. From High Ultra Lounge to Hype (At the Shangri-La). The first thing that strikes you about Bang is the views – uncluttered panoramas of the city (try and get there in time for a sundowner) from its very heart and from 15 floors up. Yes, the hotel’s location on Residency Road gives it an edge over some of the other rooftop bars. But there’s more to Bang than the views that give you a high. This is an open to sky bar; period. No boxed, indoor seating option. Bangalore’s weather keeps this bar in contention almost around the year and if you can’t handle the occasional drizzle you can head to the very gentlemanly Ritz Carlton bar a few levels down.


The Cognac infused Earth Fortune awaits (Samsung Galaxy S7)

There’s something comforting about a bartender who looks in control. Rinku Datta knows her whiskies and has quite a few tricks up her sleeve. The cocktails at Bang veer away from stereotypes -there’s everything from infused gins (done in-house) to green tea in the mix. We tried the Earth Fortune Awaits (probably the pick of the cocktail menu) with cognac, plum liquor and a lovely blend of honey ginger. The other standout Vodka cocktail is Eternity with a clever Lapsang Souchong Tea infusion that lends it an intense, smoky flavour.


The interactive bar (Samsung Galaxy S7)

There’s enough food options whether you’re seeking quick bites at sundown or staying back for dinner. The clever twists in the cocktails extend to some of the small plates like the curry leaf infused Malabar squid fry and the Thai-style orange and lemongrass prawns. There’s a host of sliders, large size platters (The Mexican platter is terrific) and also a few dessert options like the Mango macadamia mascarpone (that is a lot of Ms!) cheesecake. Almost every seat in the house guarantees a terrific view but nothing quite beats the special enclosure that’s reserved for intimate private dos. Time to find that excuse to party.


It’s okay to mix drinks and desserts (Samsung Galaxy S7)

Bang is at the Ritz Carlton, Bangalore on Residency Road, Phone no: (080) 4914-8000. Open from 6 pm to 1 am. Each of their signature Cocktails will set you back by Rs 975 while starters and large plates cost between Rs 400-1000/portion. 


Try some of their infused gins (Samsung Galaxy S7)

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