Why LG G5’s wide angle lens makes it one of 2016’s hottest flagship devices



Sunset at Hikkaduwa beach, Sri Lanka


The headline feature:



The Brooklyn Bridge NYC

We’ve all been through this – a gorgeous landscape or urban skyline or even an indoor space that pushes you to shoot on panorama mode. It’s the only solution when you can’t cram everything into your viewfinder but it’s not ideal. Most panorama shots are badly stitched compromises. Which is why LG’s G5 had our attention from day one. The device packs two rear cams – a 13MP shooter and the 8MP wide angle lens with a 135-degree field of view. It’s a big deal because its way more than any standard smartphone cam and is also much wider than the field of view of the human eye.


The Darasuram temple in Tamil Nadu

What it means:

I’ve taken the LG G5 to quite a few places – from Singapore’s busy hawker centres to Tamil Nadu’s historic temples to Sri Lanka’s beaches at Sunset to viewing decks on the Rockefeller Center for vignettes of the New York Skyline.  It’s quite incredible how much this lens can capture and what it allows you to do.

The French Quarter in New Orleans

The French Quarter in New Orleans


The wide-angle lens does not capture the same level of detail as the 13MP primary cam but it’s very good in ambient light. The G5’s 13MP cam is the one to use to capture finer details and in lowlight. It’s the cam that comes closest to Samsung’s S7 and we snapped some terrific images with it.

The Timbre Plus Hawker centre and food court in Singapore

The Timbre Plus Hawker centre and food court in Singapore

The other stuff:

We love how LG has tried to reimagine the smartphone. The modular build is the boldest move that we’ve seen from anyone this year but it’s going to need accessory manufacturers to support this vision – to add accessories to the device. That’s something we have not seen yet. We like the device’s clean and minimal build but it’s dull metal finish won’t make this device standout. The hardware is stellar – a state-of-the-art Qualcomm 820 processor with 4GB of RAM, a solid 2800 mAh battery and a vibrant 5.3-inch display that packs an impressive 554 Pixels per inch.


The Manhattan Skyline


The G5’s modular build might have been the device’s talking point but it’s the Wide-angle lens and the overall camera experience that makes this device a compelling proposition. Can more  device manufacturers please take the cue.


The primary cam (13MP) captures fine details. (Image shot at Ecstasy Chennai)

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