Is this the best place to end a meal in Chennai?


Picture perfect. The Mikata (LG G5)

Dessert bars, they are a rarity in most Indian cities. Odd considering most people don’t mind a sugar rush or a caffeine kick over a post-dinner catch up, especially towards the weekend. It’s been almost a decade since my love affair with Ecstasy began – I’ve realised its unconditional love and I’m not alone. Many of Chennai’s discerning dessertarians share the same deep affection.  It’s occasionally marred by the bumper to bumper pile up of cars outside Sathyam Cinemas and finding the right parking slot. All that disappears once you’re within the luxurious confines of Ecstasy and dig into one of their delectable desserts.


‘Square’ of Joy (LG G5)

Ecstasy is the brainchild of Mickael Besse, an international pastry consultant who has never been shy to experiment – olive oil ice cream or balsamic vinegar ice cream were enough to shock Chennai’s taste buds a few years ago. The menu gets a periodic refresh – almost every time Besse descends upon Chennai from France. The old favourites however remain untouched. Ecstasy’s signature desserts include the Flak Milk (Rs 175) – a sinful chocolate slab that’s tastier than the most exquisite chocolates you’ve ever eaten, and their two versions of Tiramisu (Rs 145) served in a glass.


Gotta love the interiors (LG G5)

The latest menu has some cool new additions like the ‘Square’ that combines a chocolate ginger mousse with strawberry paste and the choux buns filled with light tea cream. But none of these new add-ons match the visual appeal of Mikata that features whole figs and pistachio mousseline assembled on a financier biscuit. Aside from ‘eye candy’ desserts, the menu has room for a range of home made ice creams and sorbets. If you have room for just one or if you need some ‘palate cleansing’ from excessive chocolate do try the rose petals with pepper sorbet.


Chocolate overload – Flak Milk (LG G5)

“You could go globe trotting, get a degree in international studies, spend a lifetime collecting stamps or coins or simply just land up in Ecstasy”. Michael Besse’s quote summarises the Ecstasy experience even better than this review or images.


Chocolate and Blueberry cheesecake (LG G5)


Ecstasy (Phone: 3301-1530) is at Sathyam Cinemas, Royapettah, Chennai. It’s open from 3 pm to 11 pm on Weekdays and 12 noon to 11 pm on weekends.   



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