The Single Malt that started it all. And a fitting sit-down dinner at one of Chennai’s finest banqueting venues


We’ll admit it, as far as banqueting venues in Chennai go, we have a soft spot for the Apartment at the Park Hyatt. This is no place for a wedding reception where a thousand (or more)  people spend half their evening in serpentine queues but an intimate venue where everything (down to the photo frames) can be customised. Park Hyatt played host to the Glenlivet Legacy Dinner where the focus was on one of the world’s most coveted single malt brands.


Good whisky deserves haute cuisine (Samsung Galaxy S7)

Good whisky deserves to be treated well and the five course sit-down dinner (for about 30 guests, all at one table) at the Apartment was more than a fitting complement to the whisky. We have seen some of the finest hotels in India stutter at sit-down dinners – sometimes over three hours for six courses, and that’s why the efficiency and fine service at the Park Hyatt stood out. Any Chef who is ballsy enough to serve a steamed carrot as Main course deserves more than a pat on his back; the chamomile flavoured carrot was one of the many surprises that also included a terrific Maple and Whiskey Sorbet and a Duck Tortellini.


The surprise element (Samsung Galaxy S7)

But ultimately the evening belonged to Darren Hosie, the International brand  ambassador for Glenlivet whose whisky tales were even more fascinating than the tasting notes. Like the story of King George IV demanding a glass of Glenlivet during his maiden visit to Scotland in 1822. At that point the trade was illegal! The Excise Act was only passed in 1823 after the King’s legendary request and Glenlivet formally established in 1824. The Single Malt that started it all. A total of four whiskies were put under the spotlight- the Founder’s Reserve, the 15 YO, the 18 YO and a well-guarded surprise that showed up at the very end of the meal. The Aberlour 18 YO might have been the star of the show but we were torn between the 15 and 18 Year Olds – both terrific whiskies.


This flight of stairs leads to good whisky. The Flying Elephant at the Park Hyatt (Samsung Galaxy S7)


The Flying Elephant (Open from 6 – 11:30 pm / Phone: 7177-1234) at the Park Hyatt has one of Chennai’s finest whisky lists.  

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