Three reasons why the OnePlus 3 deserves your attention (and  has the attention of the competition): 

OnePlus 3 IMAGE

This is the best dressed OnePlus 3 ever: Unibody Aluminium, clean lines and a premium build. This is one good looking device and one that can hold its own against pricier flagship devices. That’s why flagship killer in this case might not be an exaggeration. We didn’t like the slight bump of the rear camera; you can argue that even the iPhones have them. The device is remarkably friendly for one-handed navigation despite its 5.5-inch screen. We totally dig the 5 back cover options (At an extra cost)


It’s lightning fast: we’ll say this, the OnePlus 3 is the fastest mobile device out there. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor (even the Xiaomi Mi5 is powered by the same chipset) teams up with a whopping 6GB of RAM (No kidding) resulting in a zippy user experience. Multi tasking is a breeze, webpages load faster and the device almost never stutters. The uncluttered custom Oxygen UI adds to the seamless experience.


Outdoor shot at dusk (Adyar bridge, Chennai) 


Dash charging is not just a gimmick: OnePlus’ proprietary ‘Dash charging’ innovation is the Red Bull your phone can use. Picture this – 65% battery level in 30 minutes flat; that’s almost enough for a whole day. The OnePlus 3 fares better than its predecessors on the battery front; most average users can comfortably sail through a day with a full charge. There’s also a ‘Dash Charge’ Car charger (optional accessory) for those road trips or should you get stuck in peak hour traffic.


Indoor shot in lowlight (Velveteen Rabbit, Chennai)

The OnePlus 3 deserves the Flagship killer tag (more than its predecessors) and spices up the battle in the Rs 22,000 – 30,000 segment where it faces off with devices like the  LeEco Le Max 2 and Xiaomi Mi5. It has a lot going for it including a super responsive fingerprint reader and a solid 16MP cam (the auto HDR function is clever but we wish the lowlight images were better). 64GB Internal memory (it’s not expandable) might not be enough for some power users but that might well be a minor crib. This device looks set to kick some butt in 2016.


Outdoor shot (Cafe @ the InKo Centre, Chennai)

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