Jameson, Earth Loaf chocolate and haute cuisine come together at On the Rocks,  Crowne Plaza Chennai


Someone set my whiskey on fire – Blue Blazer, a tradition since the 1860s (Samsung Galaxy S7)

Pairing menus (we’re not just talking wine here) can sometimes be gimmicky. Chefs or spirit experts often come up with far-fetched explanations to justify their menus. When Jameson, Earth Loaf chocolates and On The Rocks came together for a unique whiskey dinner, the accent was not so much about pairing but clearly integrating Irish Whiskey and artisanal chocolate into gourmet cuisine.


Pickled kohlrabi with crab and chocolate jelly. (Samsung Galaxy S7)

One of the most scrumptious dishes we spotted during a recent trip to Ireland was Trout ‘rubbed’ with Jameson’s. So clearly good stuff can happen when Jamie meets food; like the Mango & Capsicum toddy (that brought capsicum, mango and of course Jameson together) or a Creme Brûlée with chocolate and Jameson.


Roasted salmon with Chocolate butter (Samsung Galaxy S7)

Earth Loaf, an artisanal chocolate maker has been on our radar almost since we discovered their Cacao Nibs (probably the best by an Indian manufacturer). The company follows a progressive ‘bean to bar’ process that benefits more people along the value chain and their entire portfolio is built a 72% dark chocolate with multiple variants that also include infusions of local palmyra sugar (instead of unhealthier white sugar). Their typical 72gm bar doesn’t come cheap (Rs 270) but is truly world class.


Roasted squash, chilli chocolate soup. (Samsung Galaxy S7)


The menu featured chocolate infusions – some like the cacao rubbed lamb chops didn’t work for us but other dishes like roasted squash and chilli chocolate soup were just great strokes of genius. We do hope some of these dishes find their way into the On the Rocks Menu. That will give us another excuse to go back there, aside from their outstanding Focaccia bread.

On the Rocks is at the Crowne Plaza Chennai (TTK Road) and is a ‘dinner only’ restaurant. Meal for 2: Rs 3,000. Phone: (044) 3020-5514


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