Dessert gluttons rejoice! The Maximum shake arrives in India. Direct from Melbourne


The freakshake can get bigger than this (Samsung Galaxy S7)


From San Francisco to Melbourne, the freakshake has been trending for almost a year now. It all began in a cafe in Canberra (and you thought this was a boring city) and is truly an Instagram superstar. It was only a matter of time before the Oz version of this humongous ‘meal by itself’ shake arrived in India. ¬†Melbourne’s hottest chocolatier – Ganache, has partnered with Coffee by Di Bella, an Australian coffee chain whose Indian footprint includes Mumbai and Hyderabad, to ‘freak’ you out.


Arno Backes keeps adding the goodness (Samsung Galaxy S7)

So what’s a freakshake? It’s almost anything you can throw into a tall milkshake glass or a dessert jar. Ice cream, lashings of whipped cream, chocolate (this is where Ganache’s high quality chocolate comes into the mix), heck even brownies, pretzels, biscuits and whole pieces of cake. Yes your cup of joy runneth over and do remember to keep tissue handy. Arno Backes, the brainchild behind Ganache isn’t sure if the freakshake phenomenon will last forever; his outlets in Melbourne sell heaps of them though. He’d rather talk about Melbourne’s vibrant coffee culture and chocolate – yes, Melbourne has almost as many chocolate snobs as coffee snobs.


And if all that ain’t enough, eat your spoon (Samsung Galaxy S7)

We were at the preview of the India debut of Coffee by Di Bella and Ganache-powered freakshake organised by Tourism Victoria at the St Regis Mumbai and were suitably overwhelmed. This freakshake takes some drinking but yes, its very ‘instagramable’ unlike Ganache’s fine chocolate that taste way better than they photograph.

The freakshake will be available at Di Bella Coffee outlets in Mumbai and Hyderabad for a limited period. Approximate cost Rs 300 


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