One of Chennai’s best-known ‘Tambram’ wedding caterers sets up a restaurant. Where else but Mylapore!  

If there’s one thing that almost rivals the appeal of the performances during the December Music season, it is the host of dining options at the different sabhas. From Mint Padmanabhan to Mountbatten (!) Mani Iyer some of Chennai’s best ‘Tambram’ wedding caterers went head to head during the last season. But once the season is over you have to wait till you’re invited for a big fat Tambram wedding to sample this fare. That’s changed with the debut of Patappa’s Thaligai smack in the heart of Mylapore.

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Typical lunch menu (iPhone 6S)

The restaurant currently operates on a buffet format. Disappointing if you walk in expecting to go the ‘whole hog’ (pun intended) with a ‘full meals’. Instead what you get is an unlimited meal with fare that’s typically served for dinner at a Tambram wedding. The lunch buffet includes a flavoursome bisi bele bath/sambar satham (tastes even better with the roasted tomato pachadi) coconut rice while the dinner buffet (both are lunch and dinner are priced at Rs 162) also features idiappam and kurma. While you need to serve yourself for your first helping, the waitstaff are happy to bring refills to the table. The restaurant also offers a buffet breakfast on weekends (again at Rs 162).


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Patappa Thaligai stays within their comfort zone – authentic Iyengar cuisine (sans onion and garlic), the food is heavy on flavours rather than spice. It’s great value for money, we only wish the restaurant starts rolling out their meals at least for lunch.

Puttappa Thaligai is at 60 Luz Church Road, Myapore (Opposite Nageshwara park).  Phone no: 044 33011478


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