We pit the iPhone 6S against the S7 and the Mi5 in a lowlight showdown

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Let’s face it, these two Android devices might be the ones that really matter in the first half of 2016. We first pit them in an indoor, lowlight face-off. The above picture of a colourful ceiling was snapped in a restaurant without a flash.

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This picture of an artificial lotus pond was snapped at the Crowne Plaza, Chennai. The S7 appears to have a slight edge in terms of the details captured. And yet the 6S picture is slightly more true to life. None of these images have been edited.

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So, so you want the real picture or more details captured at lowlight? The above picture opens up that argument yet again. When you’re clicking a picture with your buddies at a nightclub in lowlight you’d rather capture all their mugs than worry about the real picture. Apple fanboys might disagree. This debate is far from over. We have a three-way outdoor shoot coming.

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