The Park Chennai’s decadent rooftop bar and restaurant is back after a rejig. Does it still have its mojo intact?

(All lowlight images; shot with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge)


The exteriors are unchanged. Thankfully

Restaurant launch events can be a blur. You barely come to terms with a new space amidst all the air kissing, random conversation and fleeting glimpses of the restaurant’s culinary credentials. We will reserve our verdict on The Park’s new dining space till our ‘deep dive’. But first impressions are usually made at those same launch events and A2 put on quite a show.


Distress chic. We like

A2? It might sound like a fancy set of wheels or a smartphone but it’s actually Aqua – version 2.0. The Park’s rooftop bar has just hit the reboot button; it’s more of a partial reboot because the outdoor pool area is largely untouched. And that’s a good thing. Whether you like the new interiors (of the indoor space) depends how you lean towards distress chic. We totally dig the ripped ceiling and the architect’s imaginative interpretation of the whole aqua (water) theme. But the staff might need to do some explaining (to some diners anyway) about the ripped ceiling.


Goat cheese gelato. No kidding

World cuisine. That’s the central culinary theme; there’s more Asian in the mix including terrific sushi. We also spotted a wicked interpretation of a martini – no not the James Bond version. This one’s an edible version built with mashed potato and hopefully will make the menu. Another cool sighting was the goat cheese gelato with a balsamic drizzle. Pine nuts might be a good touch. Maybe when we’re back for our deep dive.


James Bond might not order this one


A2 is at The Park Chennai (Nungambakkam High Road, Tel: 044-42144100) and is open for lunch and dinner

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