Is this Chennai’s finest standalone Japanese restaurant? 


Our favourite part of the restaurant (Samsung Note 5)

The space: it’s almost a cult trend, there’s a surfeit of Japanese restaurants in Chennai (if the buzz is right, the city has the second largest number of Japanese expats in India after Delhi), Fuji (whose footprint includes Delhi and Kolkata) joins this list.  We dig the minimalist, yet elegant interiors that includes a section with traditional Japanese style low seating. The wait staff don’t smile much but almost never stop bowing – it’s almost like being in Japan. The constant stream of Japanese diners is almost reassuring.


Sashimi Anybody? (iPhone 6S)

The grub: if you land up here for lunch go straight for one of their bento-style lunch plates – the salmon set wins our vote. The sashimi and sushi (try the ika – squid or the salmon fry roll) options on the menu are seriously delish. If your palate is not ready for sushi and the like go for one of their deep-fried options like the Hire Katsu (bread crumbed deep fried pork);  yes, not all Japanese food is raw or super healthy. You need to go someplace else to pamper that sweet tooth though. We had to make do with fresh cut fruit for dessert on our last visit; hopefully, that’s changed. The restaurant’s ‘no compromises’ (this is a Japanese restaurant after all) policy on its ingredients also means that you might not find some of their signature dishes available round the year.


The delish Hire Katsu- (bread crumbed deep fried pork (iPhone 6S)

Will we go back: Absolutely. This is among the best Japanese standalone restaurants in Chennai

The deets:134, Chamiers Road, Nandanam, Chennai: 35 Ph: (044) 4211-2511. Open 11 am to 3 pm and 6 pm to 11 pm. Meal for 2: Rs 2,500/-

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