The Dark Hedges aka Kings Road is probably one of the most jaw dropping GOT locations. Season 6 is coming and the GOT trail hots up yet again:  

Dark Hedges - Pic by Ashwin

Shot with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Episode 1, Season 2. Arya Stark has escaped from King’s Landing disguised as a boy along with a group (that includes Gentry and Yoren) who are set to join the Night’s Watch. They travel in a cart on King’s Road with its dramatic backdrop of beech trees.

The Stuart family planted an avenue full of beech trees in the 18th Century in a bid to create an impressive pathway to their imposing Georgian manor – Gracehill House. Over the years this avenue earned its haunting moniker – The Dark Hedges, also becoming one of Ireland’s most photographed natural sights. This photogenic, tree-lined avenue was almost sinister enough to become the setting for ‘Kings Road’ in the show.


Image courtesy – Tourism Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges (in County Antrim) is one of the customary stops on the Game of Thrones trail in Northern Ireland that truly took off with the debut of Season 5 in April 2015. It’s just an hour’s drive (50 miles/80 kms) from Belfast (on the M2); well worth it for stunning pictures at any time of day. There are many more spectacular GOT locations that are an absolute must-do if you are a true ‘Thronie’ across Northern Ireland. But the Dark Hedges is probably our favourite.


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