Samsung’s 2016 Galaxy flagship is here. Time to dump that 2015 Android device that you still carry? Seven key highlights: 

unnamed-3It’s actually two devices: just like last year, there’s the S7 and the seriously good looking S7 Edge with the rolling display.

Serious fire power: there’s a Octa-core Exynos 8890 processor under the hood that teams up with 4GB of RAM. It multi-tasks without a fuss while the Vulkan Graphic API adds serious spunk for your gaming

unnamedThe devices look gorgeous: Samsung has taken the glass and metal blend to the next level; this looks like the real deal, the finished product.  Both devices feel really good in your hand The Edge screen is brilliantly designed and is no longer a gimmick bringing some cool functionality to the device. But if there’s one crib, the devices don’t look radically different from last year.

Samsung has actually listened to the consumer: and seems to have gone from ‘we know what’s good for you to tell us what you really want’. The internal memory slot is back (support for Micro SD cards up to 200 GB, aside from 32GB of onboard memory),  the device is IP68 certified – dust resistant and water proof (up to 1.5 metres for 30 minutes). Just in case you’re tossed into the pool with your phone in the pocket at that wild beach house party.

unnamed-2The camera to beat for lowlight photography?: We think so; it’s the first mobile device with a dual pixel cam (12MP) and the low light results at the specially designated lowlight zone during the device’s India launch were quite spectacular.

The battery has been bumped up – 3000 mAh on the S7 and 3600 mAh on the Edge. It’s a much needed tweak after the not so great battery results of its 2015 predecessors.

The S7 costs Rs 48,900 while the S7 Edge has been launched at Rs 56,900 in India. 

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