Today – March 18, is World Sleep Day and a big deal for Westin hotels across Asia Pacific. If you can’t snuggle up in one of their proprietary ‘Heavenly beds’ try one of these simple tips for a better sleep pattern. Maybe you won’t need your Fitbit to tell you how well you are sleeping after all. 


Specially customised Sleep Kits by Westin for the World Sleep day celebration across Asia Pacific

Keep your beds gadget free: yes, we all know this and find it easier to preach about than practise. The bright, piercing light from those vibrant HD screens is clearly bad news for your eyes but we still can’t keep away from those e-books or late night texting. Make sure you turn off that TV in the bedroom (in case you must place one in your bedroom)

Pillow talk (tip from Westin): go for a firm pillow for maximum neck support if you’re a side sleeper, medium pillows for back sleepers and soft pillows for front sleepers (to ease the strain on the neck).

Nightcap: always works. Chamomile tea probably works best with its calming properties but so does your grandmother’s age-old recipe of warm milk with a few strands of saffron and finely powdered almonds.


The cool bed at the Laugh out loud floor at the Curtis (Double Tree Hilton) Hotel Denver (HTC One M8)

Aromatherapy: that’s the reason you sleep better in some hotel rooms compared to others. Figure the aroma that works best for you – fragrant candles or just the right scent or moisturiser. Lavender oil is a proven winner.

Eat smart: Very handy especially to combat jet lag after a long flight aside from switching your sleep cycle to the time zone you’re travelling to (Start as you board the flight).  Foods with magnesium work remarkably well. The good news – Dark chocolate is on that list too! And so are dark leafy greens and fish. Melantonin is a key ingredient too – bananas, oranges, oats and sweet corn have generous amounts.

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