AplWatch-3Up-Features-PR-PRINTApple watch Should you buy now or wait and ‘watch’? Will it change your life? Here are five facts that might help make up that fickle mind:

It’s a complementary device (Not complimentary!): Yes, it only works with iPhones (iPhone 5 and up) and it essentially mirrors stuff from your iPhone. It does have 8GB of Internal memory but it doesn’t do much on its own. The watch connects via Bluetooth and doesn’t have a SIM-card slot or Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s fitness creds are good but we’re not giving up our Fitbit up yet.

og_timekeepingYou need to charge this device every night: most users might manage a day and a half but you’re likely to finish at about 40% at the end of every day making it necessary to charge it every night! Battery life is a pain point for the category. Fortunately leaving your Bluetooth on for the entire day (on your iPhone) doesn’t impact your phone battery too much.

There are more Apple Watch variants than flavours at a Baskin Robbins parlour: close to 40 if you factor in the two sizes – 38 mm (for smaller wrists) and 42 mm, the major variants – the Apple Watch Sport (finished in aluminium), Apple Watch (stainless steel case) and the pricey Apple Watch Edition finished with gold. Then there’s a choice of straps from silicon to leather to stainless steel. This complex grid starts at Rs 30,900 in India

Apple watchYou won’t need to pull out that iPhone out of your pocket as often: that’s what we love about the Apple Watch. Sync up all the alerts you want  (texts, email, social media) and everything arrives at your wrist. Particularly useful for all those random emails and texts that don’t warrant a reply. Makes a big difference when you’re driving or during an intense day at work.

It’s the best smartwatch out there: the build is fantastic, it has scores of Apps – you need to install them through the Apple watch App and we love the seamless blend of the new Watch OS 2 and the hardware. It’s still doesn’t do enough to make it an absolute must buy; not just yet.  


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